Simple Guide To Get Rid Of ByteFence From Your System


As developed by Byte Technology, ByteFence is a legal anti-malware program that get distributed into your system using bundled method with other rogue software that’s why its classified as an Potentially Unwanted Program. This software get installs as third party software and then modifies your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other browser settings, by assigning their homepage and default Internet Search engine to Here you should note that, these bundled applications usually make these changes without user consent.

After this unwanted software ByteFence installs on your system, it modifies your default browser search engine, homepage and new target URL settings by assigning them to the website. Here users are unaware that ByteFence is responsible for these changes and even if this application is for some reason get removed, the modifications remains and user must roll them back manually. Some unexpected modifications of Internet browser settings significantly diminish the Internet browsing experience. Since users are continually get redirected to, when attempting to search the Internet or simply opening new tabs. Although it present itself as legitimate software, this problematic software is common among the browser hijacking software. So, if you feel that ByteFence installed on your computer, without your permission, and you experience unwanted browser redirects, uninstall this application immediately from your system.

ByteFence can be get downloaded from its official website, however the developers also use a deceptive software marketing method that called bundling to install ByteFence. This method is effective since many users do not pay enough attention when downloading or installing software. They skip almost all the procedures, unaware that apps such as ByteFence are hidden with the Custom or Advance Settings. However, by rushing to the installation, they inadvertently install potentially unwanted programs. So, you should not get worry with ByteFence installation. Just use Windows Scanner and remove ByteFence and its related softwares from your system.

Get Rid Of ByteFence Manually From Infected System

Uninstall ByteFence From Control Panel

  • At first go to Start and then tap Control Panel option.
  • Then a Control Panel Window appears before your screen.
  • Click on Uninstall a Program.
  • Select ByteFence tap Uninstall option.

Possible Method To Delete ByteFence From Windows Registry

  • At first press Win + R keys from keyboard.
  • Once Run Window open, type “regedit” , and press Enter.
  • Locate all entries related to ByteFence and tap Remove option.

Simple Steps To Get Rid Of ByteFence From Task Manager

  • First of all press Alt + Ctrl + Del keys from keyboard.
  • Once Task Manager Window opens, go to Process tab.
  • Locate all malicious process related to ByteFence and click on End Process option.

Reboot Your System In Safe Mode

  • At first press F8 using your keyboard.
  • Once Advanced Menu options Window appears on your screen, tap Safe Mode With Networking.
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